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Letting Down My Guard

I have been busting my tail in the gym and in the kitchen for the last week and a half. When I started my latest fitness quest, I said that I would only ease up when a special occasion popped up. Yesterday was one of those occasions.

I was invited to Media Day at the Chewelah Golf & Country Club. It’s an awesome 27 hole golf course (here are some pictures I snapped 1 2 3) about an hour and a half north of Spokane. The course is great, but the people there are even better. For the second straight year, Chris Bach (KREM 2 weekend sports anchor) and I played with the club pro Jason Pitt and a local named Billy (I’m not even sure what his last name is). It didn’t matter how good we were playing (it wasn’t pretty for me)…we were just out to have a good time.

A good time included real food (not diet food) and some tasty adult beverages (mostly beers). I devoured sandwiches (I was avoiding bread until then), chips, cookies and a brownie for lunch, chili cheese fries for a snack after 18 holes, and a bacon cheeseburger (with blue cheese and barbeque sauce), jojos, and a cup of smoked salmon chowder for dinner at Sporty’s (the “hot spot” in Chewelah). Oh yeah…I capped it all off with apple pie a la mode. Obviously, I didn’t want to waste my cheat day.

I wasn’t totally beating myself up over eating bad, because I was also being active (I’m trying to make myself feel better about this). We were in a cart, but playing 27 holes of golf isn’t an easy thing to do. It was an all day event. We started our round at 12pm and didn’t finish playing until after 8pm (we took about an hour break after 18 holes). I was exhausted by the end of the day (that’s why I didn’t get to this post last night).

Believe it or not, golf is a good work out. A co-worker challenged me on this on Thursday. She invited me to go run around a local park during my dinner break, but I said no because I had “worked out” earlier in the day. She asked me what I did, so I told her I played golf (I walked 18 at a city course with some friends). She laughed in my face and said golf isn’t a work out, so I decided to do some research.

I’m never sure which website to believe (because some of them are probably full of s#*!), so I looked for consistent information on several sites. According to what I found, the average 200 pound male (I’m 219 at last check) burns around 500 calories per hour walking with golf clubs (which we did). We played for nearly four hours on Thursday, so that means I melted about 2,000 calories!  NOTE: You pretty much cut the amount of calories you burn in half if you ride in a cart. I’m obviously not getting killer cardio, but I am being active.

That also led me to find out how many calories you can burn playing hockey (I’ve played pickup the last two Fridays). If anyone wants to tell me that hockey isn’t a work out…I’ll slap them in the face. It’s hard work! Now I have the numbers to prove it. According to HealthStatus.com, I burn around 800 calories per hour on the ice. We usually play for about two hours, so that’s 1,600 calories (I can do math…it’s amazing)!

I hope this shows that you don’t have to go for a run or be in the gym to get a “work out”. Sometimes just being active/physical is enough. I didn’t even mean to head this direction in my post, but it happened anyway. Please don’t think that I’m being preachy.

Before I go, I want to bounce back to golf. In my post Three Things I Really Want In Life, I talked about shooting in the 70′s at some point in my life (preferably this year). I hate to sound negative, but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen anytime soon. The first three rounds of golf I’ve played this year have been a disaster. In other words, don’t expect to hear much more about golf game anytime soon (unless I get things turned around in a hurry).

I did receive a gift certificate for a free round for two (inlcuding a cart) from the Chewelah Golf & Country Club yesterday. I plan on giving that away on Twitter, but I’m not sure how I’m going to do it yet. Be sure to follow me @TLKREM2 or @lewissports if you want a chance to win.

Finally, I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. A special shout out to my mom Patty (the greatest woman in the world) and my sister Kristian (an incredible mother and a wonderful sibling). I also want to give props to my best friend Liz for being an awesome mom to her son Kellan. I’m surrounded by the best people in the world!

I have to stop writing or my motivation to get to the gym is going to go out the window, so that’s it.

Have a great Sunday!

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